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We have a pool of industry-specific tech experts ready to build the custom android applications you may need to turn your idea into reality. Our experienced team has delivered a series of successful projects with a delightful user experience.

We have built apps that have turned into a tremendous success with millions of downloads and high star ratings. MilkBasket  , MyPeriodTracker , TriptapToe are some of our well-performing apps on Play Stores. It’s no wonder that we are considered as one of the most reliable android app development companies. We bring app solutions to the leading enterprises , brands, SMBs, and funded startups across various industries.

Whether you need an app for an Android smartphone, wearable, or IoT ecosystem, we can help you build a solid solution that works on every device regardless of your field of operations.

Build Your Industry-Specific Android Apps with GrowthBunny

Our skilled developers know the ins and outs of the Android Platform. We possess working experience of the major Android device, types, and brands. We assure you of a reliable product that connects to the platform’s users.

Retail & Ecommerce Android App Development

Retail & Ecommerce
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E- Learning Android App Development

E- Learning
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Travel & Tourism Android App Development

Travel & Tourism
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Media & Entertainment Android App Development

Media & Entertainment
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Health & Fitness Android App Development

Health & Fitness
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Bank & Finance Android App Development

Bank & Finance
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Automotive Android App Development

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Gaming Android App Development

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Social Network Android App Development

Social Network
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Utility & Productivity Android App Development

Utility & Productivity
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Camera & Editing Android App Development

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Highly Sought-After Android App Development Services We Offer

With an 85% market share, there are 2.5 billion active monthly Android users. And to excel in this vast market, you need to partner with the team you can depend on. We built one.

Android IoT App Development Services CompanyAndroid IoT App Development

IoT is a vast market, and it has something to offer many other markets. IoT devices for consumers typically use an app.

Though the set of features will be different for a smart home application and for a connected car app. The core thing involves hardware, software, cloud, and network.

This is the process we follow to create an android IoT app:

  • Choose the platform
  • Choose the hardware
  • Consider scalability in advance
  • Take care of security
  • Ensure the speed is fast.

Android Wearable App DevelopmentAndroid Wearable App Development

Industries are looking for wearable apps to keep them ahead as per future demands. They track information on a real-time basis & transfer data to a connected smart app.

For example, fitness apps track the activity levels and measure the parameters such as calories burnt, heart rate, pulse, and more.

We have a skilled team to develop a wearable app for devices like:

  • Wearable fitness trackers
  • Wearable blood pressure monitors
  • Wearable smart health watches
  • Biosensors and more.

android-UIUX Development CompanyAndroid UI/UX Design

With a well-versed knowledge of the user’s behaviour, our professional designers know what exactly should be the user's journey experience with your app idea.

For that, we sit with you and have an in-depth comprehension of what your business demands.

And while designing the UI/UX for Android Apps, we consider these key components:

  • Usability
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Wireframing
  • Interaction Design

Android Development Consulting CompanyAndroid Consulting

While we leverage the latest android technologies, functionalities, and integrations. We know what creates an exciting user experience and a scalable app solution.

So if you have an excellent android app idea, discuss it with our specialized team, we will help you transform it into a real app.

We have built and tested apps with diverse requirements including:

  • Fleet management
  • Amusement park management
  • On-demand video streaming
  • 3D Car Configuration
  • Travel booking Engines
  • Elearning Apps and more

Technologies Strengthening our Android App Development

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C#
  •  C++
  • Android Studio
    Android Studio
  •  ADB(Android Debug Bridge)
    ADB(Android Debug Bridge)
  • AVD Manager
    AVD Manager
  •  Eclipse
  •  Unity-3d
  • SQLite
  • Firebase
  • Firestore
  • ReactNative
  • Expresso
  •   Rails
  • TrailBlazer
  •  Dagger2
  •  Gradle
  • Android SDK
    Android SDK

Android App Integration Solutions

  • GPS Integration Monitors the user's location and then records this information to a database.
  • Social media integration Facilitates users to easily log in to your app and share their actions.
  • Wearable Integration Facilitates security, cost-effectiveness, health monitoring & more as per the requirement.
  • Barcode Integration Facilitates barcode detection in real-time, on the device, in any orientation.
  • Third Party Integration Allows you to enrich your mobile app functionality without reinventing the wheel.
Android Application Development Services Company
  • GeoFencing Monitor a circular area, and let the device inform you whenever it enters or exits that area.
  • Payment Gateway Integration Provides a fast and easy way to make purchases, resulting in a hassle-free app experience.
  • Chat Bot Integration Enable customers to place their orders and get their queries through conversations.
  • Audio/ Video Live Streaming Allows broadcasting from your webcam or the YouTube mobile app.
  • Custom API Integration Facilitates connectivity between devices and programs as per the requirement.

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