We build eLearning Marketplace Solutions That Stands out

Today when 65% of US high education faculty support open educational resources and 67% of organizations offer mobile learning. You must have gauged the potential of the eLearning Marketplace that is projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025.

Well, The pandemic of Covid-19 has made this business model even more lucrative. If you are searching for Online E-Learning Marketplace Solutions , then you must have considered building a marketplace of your own. Right?

Well, GrowthBunny Technologies is here to help you, Right from the planning to the execution. Our attention to detail makes the product stand out from the competition. So, Whether you aim at building either an eLearning website or marketplace, you will get the right blend of technology, speed, and work ethics here.

Make the Learning Easier with a 3-Step Process

Today, when there is a huge demand for online learning, building an online tutoring system is what can add huge value to society while making money.

We build the online tutoring marketplace that allows both one-to-one personalized tutoring as well as the one-to-many online classes.

Search & Select a Teacher

Search & Select
a Teacher

Schedule & Book a Class

Schedule & Book
a Class

Learn through Virtual Meeting

Learn through
Virtual Meeting

Basic Modules of On-Demand eLearning Marketplace

GrowthBunny has worked for various e-learning portals and online media streaming apps. With all the expertise on the online streaming, appointments, chats, searching, filtering, booking, and subscription models; we help you build the best on-demand e-learning marketplace solution . So, if you want a software solution for online tutoring, on-demand classes, or on-demand sessions, you landed on the right page. Here is the list of basic modules that we have included in our earlier tutor marketplace solutions.

  • Signup Signup
  • View Courses View Courses
  • Buy Courses Buy Courses
  • Advance Filter Options Advance Filter Options
  • Review & Rate Courses Review & Rate Courses
  • Search by Location Search by Location
  • View Teachers Profile View Teachers Profile
  • Manage Profile Manage Profile

  • Create Account Create Account
  •  Create Course Create Course
  • Manage Course Manage Course
  • Sell Course Sell Course
  • Communicate with Students Communicate with Students
  • Manage Quizzes Manage Quizzes
  • Manage Assignments Manage Assignments
  • Manage Profile Manage Profile

  • Secure Login Secure Login
  • Manage Dashboard Manage Dashboard
  •  Manage Students Manage Students
  • Manage Courses Manage Courses
  • Manage Teachers Manage Teachers
  •  Manage Orders Manage Orders
  • Manage Orders Manage Announcements
  • Manage CMS Manage CMS

Features - You Need for the Virtual Classrooms

With your eLearning marketplace, you can leverage the content of other experts. But to gain authority you need features that are easy to use and make the learning experience seamless.

  • Video conferencing
  • One-to-one online tutoring
  • Online group tutoring
  • Live online class lessons
  • Private/public chat option
  • Polling and surveys
  • Import, upload & embed facility
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Replay pre-recorded lessons
  • Screen sharing option
  • Breakout rooms

We Help you in Extending Your B2B on-Demand Tutor Marketplace

Cloud Solutions Integrations

It strategically enhances the capabilities, transactions & data flow, while reducing the costs of the marketplace solution.

Social Media Authentication

While adding faster authentication, social media integration makes it easy for students to signup and proceed.

Payment System Integration

With payment technology integration you can easily streamline operations like processing, accounting, and marketing.

LMS Platform Integration

Allows you to handle instructional content, automating emails, managing registration, and payments, while tracking user progress.

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