B2B and B2C Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is the realm of technology that incorporates so-called wisdom into machines. This technology enables machines to learn from experiences, adjust to inputs added, and make it perform human-like tasks.

You can see the examples of AI in chess-playing computers to self-driving cars and more. The implementation of AI programs requires the core learning of natural language processing (NLP).

AI technologies are capable of processing large amounts of data according to the patterns they follow. And we use it for handling all of your complicated B2B and B2C requirements smartly & efficiently.

At GrowthBunny, you not just get the solutions to your complex problems but also get insights into aspects where you can cut down the cost of human and other resources through the implementation of AI technologies.

Artificial Intelligence Industry-Specific Services We Offer

At GrowthBunny, we offer industry-specific solutions that are benefitting various businesses globally. Though we have a wide range of AI expertise, these are our most appreciated Artificial Intelligence services.

AI  services in HealthcareAI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence has changed the way the healthcare industry used to work. If you deal in this segment, then our AI solutions will provide you personalized medicines, X-ray readings, and more. GrowthBunny works for transformation that will enable you in providing quality care to the patients with zero-intervention.

We help you scale with:

  • Online symptom checking tool
  • AI-based data security
  • Treatment protocol development
  • Patient monitoring
  • Data collection & data processing
  • Medical billing

AI services in Cyber SecurityAI in Cyber Security

We provide a solid guard against cyberattacks through the integration of Artificial intelligence and data science. As cybercriminals are becoming experts in targeting and attacking the individuals and teams. You must take precautionary steps to prevent Your company and employee's data safe.

Our Cyber AI solutions are designed to:

  • Detect threats
  • Eliminate security threats
  • Respond to the Cybersecurity risk
  • Spam Filter Applications
  • Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention.
  • Secure User Authentication.

AI services in EcommerceAI in Ecommerce

Our e-commerce solutions scan millions of data online and develop the correlation between the buying patterns and user data. Along with that, It helps you as a retailer to provide a consistent user experience across all devices.

The most popular programs we deal in are:

  • Product selection and recommendation
  • Real-time inventory needs of the businesses
  • Chatbots and other virtual assistants

AI services in TelecomAI in Telecom

With AI integration, you can create alerts and advice subscribers for the best plan. Also, AI-enabled malware analytics will help you in detecting malware in the networks as well as resolve the issues and reduce overload on the network.

Here you get the Artificial intelligence services that give you instant access to :

  • Traffic classification
  • Anomaly detection and prediction
  • Resource utilization
  • Network optimization
  • Network synchronization.

What makes Artificial Intelligence need of Today

  •  AI repetitive learning

    Automates repetitive learning

  • Adds intelligence

    Adds intelligence to the existing products

  • analyzing

    Helps in analyzing more and deeper data

  • accuracy

    Provides incredible accuracy

  • progressive learning algorithms

    Easily adapts the progressive learning algorithms

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