Digital Certificate Issuance & Verification System

Are you still using paper based certificates and waiting a long time to get it verified? Now when global education & trade is a common norm, why not make the process fast and efficient?

Switch to digital certificates that are instant and quick to download. Wondering how? Don’t worry! To let you reduce the cost & time of printing as well as delivery, we have developed a certificate issuance & verification system.

Using this responsive system, you can start issuing tamper-proof, smart certificates that can be instantly verified through platforms like Tradetrust & OpenCerts.

Well, if you have the interest of issuing certificates & getting them verified online, but still not assured of its functionality, then let’s have a quick look of it right here:

Tradetrust & OpenCerts Based System
are in Demand For Global Growth

Over the past decade, the complexity of international production & sourcing networks has increased, And through the research, it has been observed that when goods travel across borders, many trade friction is encountered because of manual paper-based processes.

The complex dealings and the fragmented system across different parties make the trade process slow. Along with that, the time required to process the paper-based clearing may far exceed the time required for the physical movement of goods. That results in inefficiency & delay.

And Tradetrust & OpenCerts provides an easy way to verify the accuracy & the authenticity of the supporting documents & certificates via digital means.

Tradetrust based Document Verification

TradeTrust Document Verification

Tradetrust addresses the inefficiencies of cross- border trade that are caused by manual handling and verification process.

It connects governments and businesses to a public blockchain network & allows exchanges of electronic trade documents online.

The best thing is that it is free under the open-source licensing terms.

Tradetrust based Document Verification

OpenCerts Certificate Verification

This academic centered online platform is based on the blockchain technology that offers an easy way to issue, check, and verify academic certificates.

It provides you an encrypted file of your certificate.

So, If you're a student or an employer, You may check certificates of any authorised institute from OpenCerts online platform.

GrowthBunny OpenCerts and TradeTrust Based Platform are essential to adopt because for any global level growth(Educational as well as business-based) you need to go through the legal paperwork that is time consuming & costly if you go through the conventional way.

We help you shift toward a more reliable, fast & cost effective way to issue any certificate or document that can be securely verified online in a matter of seconds.

GrowthBunny Document/Certificate
Issuance & Verification System

We have designed a system consisting of the responsive website for Admin and User along with the document repository and verifier system. The system is designed to create the batch and generate encrypted tokens using the TradeTrust framework and standards and format data in a way so that it can be fingerprinted. Later this can be notarised on a trusted platform like Ethereum Blockchain. With the help of this token and verifier process, the integrity of the document can be acknowledged.

Specific Features of Our Document/Certificate
Issuance and Verification Platform

  • Used Blockchain Technologies like BTC and Ethereum.
  • Irreversibly encrypted tokens for a batch of documents.
  • TradeTrust based document storage and verifier.
  • Low cost of notarization system.
  • A secure, scalable, and high-performance system for
    document storage and verification.
  • Open standard protocols.
  • Transparent Contract Management.
  • Automated system to generate tokens and notarization.
  • Google cloud platform hosting.
  • Admins to store the documents consisting of images, contracts, bills, and invoices.

Blockchain Driven All in one Certificate
Management Platform

  • tamper proof certificate

    Issue tamper proof certificate

    Certificates issued via our systems are secured through blockchain, The files are encrypted via special hash codes. Hence you get the certificates that can never be tampered.

  • Instant Verification

    Instant Verification

    Certificates are placed on the blockchain after the institute or organization verification, From there employers or anyone else can check its authenticity via platforms like Tradetrust & OpenCerts.

Why Choose Us For Certification &
Verification System?

We are using platforms like TradeTrust & Open Certs( A Global Interoperability Framework and Standards) - that allow legal harmonization to ensure the legal validity of the digital trade that is available for different digital Solution & EcoSystem to match your unique requirements.

Though we always practice latest technology & trends in our solutions, and in this Singapore based Verification system we ensure you receive

  • Trust and legal validity assurance

    Trust and legal
    validity assurance

  • Transparent Solution


  • Support Of New Service Offerings

    Support Of New Service

  • Increased efficiency

    Increased efficiency

  • Reduced cost

    Reduced cost

  • Data confidentiality

    Data confidentiality

Building Trust and Transparency of
Educational Organizations

Our Blockchain solution is helping Institutions in building trust & transparency while automating their certificate issuance & verification process. They are more likely to expand their reach and increase placement opportunities with reduced operational costs.

  • Secure Verification

    Secure Verification

    An authentic source
    to showcase and
    prove the degree & Certificates.

  • Instant Process

    Instant Process

    It makes the
    verification process
    efficient & fast.

  • Improves Trust Credibility

    Improves Trust Credibility

    The transparent &
    authentic solution improves
    the trust credibility of the

  • Direct Link To Recruiters

    Direct Link To Recruiters

    Facilitate global
    visibility and
    recruitment opportunities.

 Why Blockchain for Digital Verification

Why Blockchain for Digital Verification

  • Once placed on a blockchain platform like ethereum, The certificate details can’t be erased or tampered.
  • The blockchain system provides the flexibility to revoke the certificate as well.
  • The decentralized data structure of blockchain provides multiple backup options and ensures your full privacy.
  • The transactions done over the blockchain are fast & safe.
  • The single-click verification provides minimal operational cost.

Technology used in the Document
Repository & Verification System



Open Certs

Open Certs



Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform









Smart Contract

Smart Contract



Other Use Cases Of Our Blockchain-based
Solutions are:

  • Real Estate
  • Employment records
  • Contracts between Small and Medium-sized businesses
  • Digital rights / Copyrights

We develop secure & reliable solutions that help businesses &
government to store & manage sensitive documents