Cloud-Based Development that brings Long Term Value

Today, from startups to big enterprises all are shifting towards fast and lightweight applications that are designed to reduce time & costs. And having successfully done multiple cloud projects in various domains, GrowthBunny enthusiastic team is ready to discuss and work with you!

Some of our best cloud work examples are helping businesses in fund management, gaming, and media streaming.

We also help businesses in optimizing & migrating their current cloud solutions by consolidating infrastructures, standardizing outdated environments, & working on individual resources.

If your team needs to access business data on the go, or you are spending a major part of your revenue in maintaining on-premise resources, or you have a simple requirement of speeding up the development process, there will be no better time to move to the cloud.

Our Extended Cloud-Based Development Services

migration servicesCloud Migration Services

We provide migration services for enterprises and small businesses. Our team closely works with yours to migrate apps, workflows, and the whole business infrastructure to the cloud.

We ensure to limit the system downtime and ensure data integrity throughout the migration process. We encourage process scaling & load balancing through cross-platform availability.

Cloud Computing ArchitectureCloud Computing Architecture

A good cloud architecture helps organizations to avoid risk and ensure a successful, cost-effective transition to the cloud.

Our cloud experts know the details of everything involved with cloud computing, including the front-end platforms, back-end storage, servers, delivery, and networks required to manage the cloud storage.

Cloud Backup SolutionsCloud Backup Solutions

We provide data-backup solutions to small businesses and enterprises. Greater access and better protection let you experience lesser downtime.

Our distributed, community-based, inter-cloud, and multi-cloud solutions will guard your system against disastrous breakdown or data losses. We have experience in building cloud storage solutions over popular platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud platform, and more.

document-verficationCloud Document Verification

Having successfully delivered various projects on cloud document verification, we provide end-to-end cloud storage solutions & modifications.

To make businesses paperless, while storing and verifying documents on the go, our expert cloud team has designed a TradeTrust based system that can let you issue & verify tamper-proof documents in an instant.

Cloud Architecture Expertise

cloud architecture expertise


cloud architecture expertise


cloud architecture expertise

Microservices based

cloud architecture expertise

Dual Autoscaling – VM & container

cloud architecture expertise

Hardware Accelerating

cloud architecture expertise

Container Service

cloud architecture expertise

Multi-region and GDPR compliant

cloud architecture expertise

Next-gen Architecture using
advanced AI/ML data analytics

cloud architecture expertise

Monolithic legacy
architecture and re-engineering

Features Making Cloud an Ultimate Choice

Ease of adoption

Ease of

Lower costs


Rapid go-live


Safe and sound

Safe and

Connectivity to other applications

Connectivity to
other applications

Cloud Computing Tech stacks we excel in

Top 3 Benefits You Enjoy having Our Cloud Solutions

  • Multiple service models
    Multiple service models and offerings
  • Cloud platforms
    Cloud platforms of your choice
  • expert Cloud Developers
    A pool of expert Cloud Developers

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