There is an increasing pressure to resume social and economic activity to limit the economic damage from the coronavirus. How, when, and what will be open is the government call. Business associations continue to stimulate the government, suggesting emergency solutions.

But that's not enough: structural interventions are needed, at all levels, to immediately support the lack of liquidity of companies and to absorb the financial effects of the pandemic while safeguarding employees & employment as much as possible.

So, whether you are a bank, school, manufacturing unit, or an IT company with 500-5000 employees. You must take a precautionary step to safeguard your employees from COVID19 post-pandemic work resumes.

Realizing the significance of preparing all sectors for a post-pandemic work resume, we initiated an app that will keep a record of your employee's status, health and help them be safe even after the Pandemic.

Why You must take a Call For Post
Pandemic Prevention

The outbreak of corona has prompted worldwide concern. And if you know about patient 31, then you must be aware that how one patient became the reason for South Korea's coronavirus outbreak into an epidemic. That ultimately caused the intense loss of life and economy.

Hence, It becomes vital to take the potential threat of coronavirus seriously and better prevent your employees and the organization.

How you can prevent your Organization
through the Wellnes App

As you already know about the government’s Aarogya setu App that helps in contact tracing and send alerts about the covid19 positive cases, Our app works as a complementary step that gives you personalized and deep control over your employees wellness.

You can ask your employees to update their health status, including their close family members as a precautionary step on the app. You may add your personalised set of questions and ask for answers on a daily basis that can be further reviewed by the reporting managers.

With one of the key activities of this app you can generate guidelines to promote safe practices in the schools, hotels, and manufacturing units and other companies.

This way you can track real time data of your employee's health that can take the required action step before the major loss.

prevent your organization through the wellness platform

Features Of The Wellness App

The App Can Securely Record Employee Data, Their Travel History, and Other Important Details That Will Help You Measure The Overall Health Of Your Organization. It Also Facilitates You To Take Record Of Your Employees Body Temperature On A Daily Basis And Provide Urgent Solutions If They Seek Emergency Medical Support.

As An Organization You Should Set Up A 24X7 Help Desk To Address Any Concerns And Questions Of Your Employees. So That You Can Focus On Other Important Actions To Grow Rather Than Worrying About The Random Unfavorable Situations.

Let’s See What Specific Features You Get Along With The App To Setup Your Employee Safety And Monitoring:

features of the wellness platform
  • Secure OTP Login
  • One time Employee Data - Profiling with Mobile Number login
  • Record Information about your Employees, Whereabouts, Travel
  • Ask them questions - Supports both English and Hindi
  • You may design your own questions
  • Advisory Service
  • Record at your own premise or our cloud server
  • Obey the compliance and prepare reports
  • Additional company Information
  • General Advisory, Guidelines and Links
  • Device Notification - Publish
  • Download Links

What you will get as a Solution tool

  • Android and iOS Application

    Android and iOS Application,
    Branded in your company name
    (Android and iOS App Store approval)

  • Admin Control Panel for Setup and Reporting

    Admin Control Panel
    for Setup and

  • no Shared data on Server

    Individual Secure
    Instance, no Shared data
    on Server

  • Download Link on Cloud/Storage and Hosting Support

    Download Link on
    Cloud/Storage and
    Hosting Support

  • Support & Maintenance Free

    3 Months Support &

Cost of Self Declaration and Wellness Platform

The cost of the app is negligible in front of your employees safety, Though to add our contribution in the fight of covid pandemic we have put it very low. You may get the cost of the personalized app as per your organization size & need.

The best part of our app solution is that you get it deployed in just 1 Day!

Need not to wait, Pick up the phone and call at 9500069296 or email at [email protected]