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Give Your Healthcare System A
Digital Leap With An Efficient And
Effective Patient Consultation

Launch your own portal for an online doctor appointment and video consultation application (Web and Mobile) offering a secured Digital Experience to the Patients connecting them with the Specialist Doctors.

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The Doctor appointment application shall provide the patients a great way for Doctor consultation with a real time, easy and valuable features based platform that allows the patients to get consultation for their ailments at ease. It will be beneficial for doctors too, where they can get stress free involvement in dealing with the patients at their own convenience and also giving life saving consultation to more patients as compared to a physical clinic based consultation. With the current pandemic situation, patients carry a big amount of risk if they have to visit a hospital/clinic or a doctor’s clinic for consultation. An online consultation portal plays a bigger role in providing a platform that helps doctors serve the patients as well as allow healthcare system to work at pace even with the restrictions under a pandemic.

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No Physical Contact | Fast & Easy Consultation | 24x7 Access

Find out how this healthcare marketplace app works

service marketplace
Quick and Easy Setup

Patients Online Registration
via App or Website.

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Easy Medicines and
Medical Supply Allocation

Patients Online Registration
via App or Website.

Marketplace for doctors
Pay Securely

A secured payment gateway
to make safe payment.

service marketplace for doctors
24x7 Consultation

Doctors panel and allowing
the patients to choose the
respective doctor consultation online
as per their ailment.

online healthcare marketplace consultation
To-Do Panel

An interactive panel for calls,
text and instant messaging
allowing the doctor and
patient to interact well and
get the required consultation.

Doctor Marketplace Solution Provide Consultation At Ease

It comes with multiple interactive modes for active Doctor consultation allowing a smooth conduct of consultation for patients.

Video Call consultation

An app or website mode that allows
the doctor and patient to have a face
to face consultation through video
call. This feature provides a real life
experience to the user as without
being physically present the doctor
still gets to see the patient and
consult in a better way.

Text consultation

An app or website mode where the
doctor gives consult to the patient via
text responses. The feature allows the
users to easily send their queries in the
form of text. This feature is preferred by
those who want a quick response and
are not at times feasible with the video
call feature.

Voice Call Consultation

In this feature the patient will interact
with the doctor via phone call feature
and get their doubts cleared. This
feature allows the doctor and patient
to easily connect over a call and get
started with the consultation.

Fast and Reliable Payments

Avail the fees and other payments
from your patients with an easy and
trusted payment gateway integrated
with the application. You can offer
various payment options for your
patients and allow them to pay

Analytics To Track and Improve

Get the real time analytics that help you get the best of assessment and improve on the fields that are lacking behind as per the data. The analytics help you to better understand your patients and what all they are finding useful in your App.

Optimise Your Heathcare System

Manage and track the payments and other vital parameters in improving the services for your patients.

Timely notify your patients

Give updates on the latest happenings and
medical advice with in-app based
notifications like email,SMS, and push
notifications. Users are actively engaged with
your app and keep up with the latest

Patient Appointment Booking Panel

Allowing the patients to book their
appointment with the doctors and get
notified for the same. They receive details
like appointment date, time, session,
doctor availability and more.

Update and Upgrade the Doctor
availability and profile

Allow your patients to get the correct information about the doctors that are available through your consultation
service as well as their profile updation for letting the patient know exact status about the doctor. All this can be
done with an easy to operate back-end panel for your app.

Are you ready to launch your own Healthcare
Marketplace or App?

Doctor App

Individual doctors can set up their own app and utilise it to consult their patients at times when physical consultation is not possible. It can also allow you to better connect with the patients as you can be at regular service for the patients in need at easy and convenient times. User profiling, Analytics and Safe and Secure payments are the USP which the app carries.

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Patients App

This app can be availed as a marketplace where multiple doctors can be listed and patients can utilise their consultation. This app will boost features like appointment bookings, online consultation and actively engaging the patients with constant doctor guidance. It allows you to get a full fledged marketplace portal.

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Admin Panel

Allows you to administer the management of the profiles for both the doctors and patients with leading integrations such as maintenance of the records, test reports at ease.

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Feature-Packed Healthcare Apps

Video Calling
Voice Calling
Instant Messaging Feature
Voicemail Messaging
Doctor profile creation
Medical Equipments Database
Medicine Records and Inventory
Patients Consultation Database
Access and Share Files in multiple formats

Mobile Technology Supported:


Frequently Asked Questions About Service Marketplace for Doctors

What are the leading healthcare apps clones?

A healthcare apps clone like practo clone allows you to develop your app in reference to the already existing healthcare app in the market. They are generally developed under two profiles one is by a doctor and the other as a marketplace that offers multiple healthcare services. A doctors app will be based on the individual doctor and their consultation whereas in a marketplace you will get many doctors in a single app or portal who will be ready to consult you as per your illness.

What are healthcare apps beneficial for?

Well in recent times as the world witnessed a pandemic so it becomes very important for us to avail the services of a doctor and as physical appointments are restricted thus, an online consultation app or portal becomes a go to solution for the needs of patients. It helps you connect with a doctor who consults you based on your ailment.

How can we develop a healthcare marketplace?

To develop a healthcare marketplace all you need is to know as to what you want to develop and find a leading and trusted healthcare marketplace development company that will help you develop the app or portal as required. You can either opt for a complete scratch to top development or can go for a fully customizable model based on an already successful healthcare marketplace.

Which is better: a healthcare marketplace or an individual app?

In a marketplace you get multiple options of doctors for consultation whereas if you go for an individual healthcare app you will be only able to get the service from the selected doctor. Also a healthcare marketplace provides you a much better option in terms of doctor selection, medicinal availability and other consultation needs.

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