Milk Basket

We have developed India’s first and largest daily micro-delivery service now popularly known as Milkbasket. The app developed in Android and iOS is fulfilling the entire grocery needs of a household every day before 7:00 a.m.

It is a flexible ordering and contactless delivery that does not need your presence, all you need is to top up your milk basket wallet and start adding items to them anytime till midnight from a wide selection of 5000+ products and get it delivered the very next morning.



Triptaptoe is another travel based application that has its web version too. This travel portal has all the booking features along with the data analytics record. You can plan and book for your vacations. Search for flight, hotel and tour packages with the smooth booking engine and get it done in a few clicks.

The easy to navigate design and solid backend control developed in Angular & Native platform contributed to receiving the Positive Reviews.



WTFares is our travel-based solution that is one of its kind. It provides users a 100% secure reservation with free cancelations. We have developed their mobile app and web version for the convenience of users.

You can plan your vacations, search for hotels, flights or other tour packages via this robust booking engine on a real-time inventory. Our seamless design and backend control developed in Angular & Native platform contributed to receiving 95% + Positive Reviews.


Wheelers Paramill

It's a specially designed app for paralyzed persons. Like a normal person, they can't access the controls of a Treadmill. Hence, keeping in mind the challenges of a fitness enthusiast Wheelers app is developed. This App allows the persons on the wheels to control the resistance, speed, and distance of the Treadmill.

This app features Serial port communication with Arduino Mega senses and the android device. Developed in java, wheelers app makes the gym treadmill training easier to the wheel-person. One can control the left and right-hand speed separately or all together while tracking their records.


My Period Tracker

My Period Tracker is a personalized application that offers to track, monitor, and manage menstrual cycles. It helps you calculate the fertile days and ovulation based on the inputs provided while assisting in finding the possible prospective days for conceiving a baby or even avoid the unwanted pregnancy.

The application provides a lifestyle calendar for women which can be used to create and edit notes, organize and navigate through to preview one’s medical records and forecasts.

MPT specific features include password protection, log management, sharing of log information with a partner, restoring the tracker data and 20+symptoms & mood options to choose. Because of easy to use interface & excellent functionality more than 1M+ downloads with 4.2* ratings have been possible.


Think Gas

Think Gas is an environmentally-conscious company, And we contributed to benefit the country with an efficient app developed on the Android platform under three languages. Our AI experts have provided biometrics security features along with the pre route planning features.

Our technology and customer relationship management has made City Gas Distribution smooth and fast. We included Fuel Management, Trip Tracking, Inventory Management, as well as Preventive Management to make the Fleet management secure & scalable. We provided an offline tracking feature to make mode too.

This is an example of our advanced technology-based solution that comprises NodeJs, HAPI framework, VueJS, Visual Studio Editor, React Native , MongoDB, & Azure cloud platform.


DAIT Measurement Unit

This product is designed for our Noida based client which deals in air preparation products. For their popular valve range, they were looking for a device that can test the life cycle of their automotive parts while checking the electrical characteristics.

This unique device is a combination of hardware and software services. While at one side, our hardware engineers connected different sensors, our software experts on the other side used python scripting for controlling major features and displayed the result over a user friendly interface.



It’s a machine to machine communication protocol that we have set up for our INTRANAV client. The OPC- UA server integration with Rest API is the progress towards IIOT.

The developed OPC-UA adapter on top of the rest API have used the open source node OPC-UA server and the client. Along with that, Developers have customized the available open-source solution to meet the functional requirements.

Additionaly, the HTML5 front end is also designed to update the configurable parameters for the OPC-UA server.