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What is Crypto Fund?

A crypto fund is the directed capital of digital money that is available to the investors for replication.
It operates as a bridge between a trader(one creating the crypto fund), and the investors(one who would happily invest in that fund).

Crypto Fund Management

The crypto fund is designed to bring benefits to both parties. Since the crypto funds have evolved as the digital variant of fiat currency, it allows anyone to start a fund simply by introducing a new cryptocurrency.
Hence, various types of crypto funds have emerged to satisfy the appetite of traders and investors so that they can multiply their digital assets.

Crypto funds typically come under venture capital funds or crypto hedge funds. Though there are crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or private equity funds too. But earlier two cover the majority of the market.

What Do You Need To Create Your Crypto Fund

We are often asked ‘How to start a crypto fund?’, and to make the answer available to all, we have added this section.
To your surprise, starting a crypto fund doesn’t require much effort. The key is to join a platform that ensures a healthy number of investors to begin with.
Apart from that, you need to set up these 3 things and you are all set:

  • A crypto wallet credential.
  • A platform according to the type of fund (mutual, hedge fund, index fund, etc.) you want to create.
  • A strategy to share your profits with your investors.
Crypto Fund Management

We Build fund management System for All Categories

To make things even easier, we have a pre-developed Crypto fund management software that you will need in the process.
You know having a crypto wallet credential is not a hard nut to crack. You are just a step away!!

  • Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund
    Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund
  • Cryptocurrency Mutual Fund
    Cryptocurrency Mutual Fund
  • Cryptocurrency Index Fund
    Cryptocurrency Index Fund
  • Cryptocurrency Investment Fund
    Cryptocurrency Investment Fund
fund manager

Our Crypto Based Solution To Fund Managers

We have developed an online cryptocurrency-based fund management system, that allows fund managers to run their funds without any hassle. Along with managing their client's account. Considering all the prerequisites, our experts have developed a system featuring the wallet for cryptocurrency and the exchanger. For trading purposes, we have a trading dashboard and the pre-integration with an external trading system. The huge benefit of this platform for the traders is that they can now forget about the expensive fund setup cost that includes legal, fund admin, audit, offshore entities and licenses.
All they need to do is just focus on what they do best; trade and make money. Traders can also share the updates or the information related to the funds or other market activities on this platform. It also helps traders to keep a record of the users who have invested in their funds.
The solution developed by the GrowthBunny team allows cryptocurrency trading with leverage and provides an online wallet, onboarding process, crypto and fiat currency exchange, along with the support of deposits/withdrawals.

Basic Modules of the Crypto-Based Fund Management System

Browse fundsBrowse funds

This module allows users to search/browse the funds or the traders and can see the information like the GAV, Profit, and Loss percentage, Annualized Return, performance on a chart and can invest in them.

Deposit CryptocurrencyDeposit Cryptocurrency

This allows users to scan the QR code to make deposits. Users can only invest in the strategies if they have sufficient cryptocurrency in their wallets which they want to invest.

Portfolio portfolio_fu

It let users know about the cryptocurrency they have in the wallet, cryptocurrency invested in any strategy, Profit and Loss along with the equity. This will also allow users to view the history i.e. the information about the closed funds in which the user has participated or invested.

Withdraw cryptoCurrencyWithdraw CryptoCurrency

It allows users to withdraw the cryptocurrency invested or allocated in any fund. Users will have to provide the address of the wallet in which they want the cryptocurrency to be credited. Users can also keep track of their withdrawals on the platform.

Wallet Wallet

This platform will have its own wallet to store the cryptocurrency. Whenever a user will invest in any fund they have to make sure that they have sufficient balance in their wallet and if not then they can deposit the cryptocurrency in their wallet.


Users available on the platform will be able to add the funds to their watchlist. By adding any fund in the watchlist section will allow users to shortlist the fund for later investment.

Manage Investors Manage Investors

Traders on the platform will have a section through which they can see the list of the investors, who have invested in any of their funds. The traders can also be able to see the amount invested by the investors in the funds.

Manage FundsManage Funds

Traders' users available on the platform will be able to keep track of their active funds. Traders can manage the funds from this section. Traders can close the funds and to initiate this they have to tell the users prior and liquidate all positions.

Get Updates About funds Updates

Traders will have a section through which they can interact with the intended audience and provide the updates or share some news about the funds via the newsfeed section.

Fund CreationFund Creation

This platform also allows users to create funds. The funds will be published after the approval of the system administrator.

Refer System Refer System

Each user registered on the platform will have their referral code which they can share with other users. Users will be able to view the BTC earned as commission for the successful referrals along with the list of all the referrals made.

Key Features of our crypto fund management platform

  • User Onboarding process
  • Wallet for cryptocurrency
  • Trading Dashboard
  • Strong Encryption
  • Smooth Fund Creation
  • Referral System to earn more
  • Keep a record of all the funds created

Benefits of crypto fund management software

  • The authenticity of the information can be secured.
  • Each transaction is recorded sequentially and indefinitely.
  • Transactions are completed directly with digitized information.
  • Allows system administrators to track all the deposits and withdrawals done.
  • Allow system administrators to view the strategies' performance.
  • Administrators will be able to view the snapshot of the strategies.
  • The strategy Managers profile will be published after due-diligence.

While staying tuned with the advanced technology, We have also adopted Two-factor authentication, which is an existing and well-used security measure. Our team has successfully developed the cryptocurrency fund management system as per the expectations of the client and considering all their requirements.

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