What is Cloud Sync IoT?

The Thing to Thing communication is a great feature that allows you to synchronize your Arduino devices. It enables you to pair variables of the same data type between things and with the Arduino IoT Cloud, creating a two-way communication between your devices has never been easier.

To start, we will need to head over to the Arduino IoT Cloud. This is also accessible through the menu at the top right.

Conclusion For Cloud Sync in IoT

The Thing to Thing Communication is an amazing feature that is easy to set up and has various benefits. In this tutorial we simply demonstrated the very basics by syncing two variables between two Things, but there is a lot more to explore! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it helped you to get started with your next IoT project!

Cloud Sync For IoT Features

  • We have learned about IoT cloud computing, how it will help the business to grow in the 20’s era where competition is getting tougher for services provided to the users. Types of IoT clouds available to the users. Different IoT cloud provides different features but one common thing

    Container :-construct Cloud Sync For IoT network

    Application container technology simplifies many methods for both software architecture and development processes, and provides benefits for Internet of Things (IoT) deployment to create a real-world impact. QNAP redefines NAS for IoT, providing comprehensive "QIoT Containers" for QNAP’s Container Station platform to help quickly structure your IoT environment and deployment.


    Why The Need To Cloud Sync For IoT?

    Over the last five years, the amount of IoT devices has doubled. By the end of 2025, the installed base should go above 75 billion. Today, more than 40% of the European and American factories have some elements connected. A number that should sharply increase as manufacturers are racing toward Industry 4.0 with an aim at gaining competitive advantage.

    Put those facts together, and it should come as no surprise that Industrial IoT needs the cloud as it provides geographic coverage for resource sharing, along with centralized management and monitoring. Those elements are essential to examine how any machine is functioning and diagnose problems when things go wrong.

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