What is Ember.js?

Ember.js is a free JavaScript client-side framework for constructing web apps that is open source. It enables the development of client-side JavaScript applications by providing a comprehensive solution that includes data management and an application flow. Ember.js was originally known as the SproutCore MVC framework. Yehuda Katz created it, and it was first released in December 2011. Ember.js's stable release is 2.10.0, which was released on November 28, 2016.

Why Ember.js?

  • Ember.js is an MIT-licensed open source JavaScript framework.
  • It uses the HTMLBars template engine, which is a superset of the Handerlbars templating engine, to offer the new binding syntax.
  • It includes a CLI tool that integrates Ember patterns into the development process and allows developers to focus on their productivity.
  • Features of Ember.js

  • Ember.js is a programming language that allows you to create reusable and maintainable JavaScript web apps.
  • The development model of Ember.js is built around HTML and CSS.
  • If the content of an application changes, Ember.js uses templates to automatically update the model.
  • Bootstrap DEVLOPMENT

    EmberJS - Components

    Ember.js components are based on the W3C web component protocol and allow real encapsulation for user interface widgets. Templates, shadow DOM, and custom elements are the three core specifications. The component is stated in the data-template-name, which is prefixed with "components" and contains a path name rather than a simple text.


    EmberJS - Application Concerns

    The Ember application can be extended with the Ember.Application class, which declares and configures the objects that let you construct your app. During execution, the Ember.ApplicationInstance class is created, which is utilised to manage the application's characteristics and serves as the owner of instantiated objects. In a nutshell, the Ember.Application class establishes the relationship between the application and Ember. Application The state of an instance is managed by the instance class.

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