Ruby on Rails - Framework

A framework is a programme, combination of programmes, or code library that automates the creation of the majority of your application. When you utilise a framework, your responsibility is to develop the portions of the app that allow it to accomplish the things you want it to do.

The Model View Controller principle divides the work of an application into three separate but closely cooperative subsystems

Model (ActiveRecord )

  • It manages validation, association, transactions, and more, as well as the relationship between the objects and the database. This subsystem is implemented in the ActiveRecord library, which acts as a bridge between a relational database's tables and the Ruby programme code that manipulates database records. The names of Ruby methods are derived automatically from the field names of database tables.
  • It is the presentation of data in a specific format, which is prompted by a controller's decision to do so. They are script-based template systems, such as JSP, ASP, and PHP, that are simple to connect with AJAX.
  • Ruby& Rails  DEVLOPMENT

    Controller ( ActionController )

    <>The feature of the application that directs traffic by asking the models for specific data on the one hand, and arranging that data (searching, sorting, and communicating it) into a form that meets the demands of a given view on the other. ActionController, a data broker that sits between ActiveRecord (the database interface) and ActionView, implements this subsystem (the presentation engine).

    Pictorial Representation of MVC Framework

    For handling data from a SQL database, ActiveRecord provides a variety of programming approaches and shortcuts. ActionView and ActionController give tools for modifying and showing data. Rails connects everything.


    Advantages of Ruby on Rails

  • Tooling: Rails provides tooling that helps us to deliver more features in less time.
  • Libraries: There’s a 3rd party module(gem) for just about anything we can think of
  • Code Quality: Ruby code quality significantly higher than PHP or NodeJS equivalents.
  • Test Automation: The Ruby community is big into and test automation and testing.
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